Sony Metabones Canon

My first camera was a Canon which I still have till this day. It’s actually sitting on a shelf next to my desk. The good old days of using film and different filters to get the right effects. My favorite was the soft focus filter. Seeing as Canon was the first brand I’ve used there’s a certain fondness that remains for anything Canon related.

When I was looking at my next camera I was really torn between Canon and Sony. Sony had just came out with the A7RII which were getting rave reviews yet they were lacking lenses. Canon on the other hand had an extensive lineup. One of the best features of the Sony A7RII is the ability to use other camera lenses with an adapter. This was a big part in my decision to go with Sony.

Over the holidays I bought myself some new lenses as a reward for an incredible year. I’ve been wanting to add some Canon lenses to my arsenal and felt the adapters have matured quite a bit since I’ve last checked them out. So I picked up one of the best lens in the market for landscape photography and the best adapter to use Canon lenses on my Sony A7RII.

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM

Metabones 5th Generation

Metabones V5 Adapter for Canon Lens

The best adapter to use Canon lenses on the Sony A7RII is the Metabones adapter. It’s a well built quality adapter that allows fast autofocus and allows for firmware upgrades to keep up with improvements.


Metabones adapter for use with Canon

I was very impressed with the speed of the autofocus. This was one my concerns with using an adapter. Last year I was testing some Nikon lenses with a cheaper adapter and I was disappointed in the performance when it came to the aperture settings. The aperture controls were basically useless. I have since abandoned using any Nikon lenses until they make a really good adapter.

Until then I’ve been using my Metabones and Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM and it’s a fantastic setup.

Why I’m using Canon Lenses with my Sony

Canon has been a market leader for years and their lenses are trusted by professionals around the world. They make great gear and there’s a certain character or look to the images it produces. It’s a very distinct look which I appreciate. But you know what I appreciate the most about Canon lenses?

The price.

Let’s be honest here. Photography is not a cheap hobby to get into. When you’re first starting out it can be overwhelming to add up all the costs just to start. You need a camera and lens at the very minimum and a bunch of accessories. That’s why most people will start off with a bundled package like this one and slowly upgrade over time.

I’m not against bundled packages and I think they’re a great way to get into photography. However, a lot of the items are of low quality. My best advice is to look for an item you really want and if it comes with extra stuff well that’s just icing on the cake.


Sony Metabones Canon

Canon 16-35mm attached to the Metabones adapter.

When I bought my Sony A7RII I actually found a bundled package for the same price of the body alone. It’s a no brainer to get more bang for your buck. They don’t have this bundle anymore but they do offer quite more nowadays it seems. For example take a look at this bundled package. I would’ve been ecstatic to get that many items for that price. It’s basically a full blown ready to go shoot bundle.

The bundle I ended up purchasing included this Amazon camera backpack which is actually one of the highest rated backpacks available. I still use it to this day for when I’m lazy and want something small to walk around in and it has held up quite well. For this price I highly recommend this backpack!

I believe in buying quality lenses. As the old adage says “Date the body, marry the lens”. I invest into lenses since they will still be useful for years to come while the technology for the body changes rapidly. The Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM I purchased is about $300 less than the Sony 16-35mm GM (I also own this lens and it’s amazing). For some $300 may not be a lot while for others it can be the factor that drives their purchase. Both are equally good but if you want to spend less for a tried and true wide angle lens I would recommend the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM.

Sample Images

Here are some images I’ve taken recently with this setup.

Latourell Falls

Wide angle shot at South Beach, Oregon

Downtown Portland at night

Falls Creek Falls, WA

Final Thoughts

The 16-35mm is my go to lens since I shoot mainly landscapes but I’ve picked up a few other lenses to meet my needs. The beauty of using the Metabones is that it opens up a whole new world of lenses to my disposal. I’ve been very happy with being able to use different lenses and have picked up a few more Canon ones which i’ll talk more about next time.

If you’re a Canon photographer and have been on the fence to switching to Sony for fear of losing use of your lenses, I wouldn’t be afraid any longer. Thanks to Metabones you can have the best of both world.

Can anyone recommend some other good Canon lenses?

Thanks for reading!