Vero True Social Media

There’s a “new” social media app called Vero that’s causing quite a stir in recent news. While Vero seems to be the hot trend right now it actually has been around since 2015. Vero is Italian for “Truth” and their basic goal is to be the one true social media app.

I know you’re thinking this is another social media app in a long line of apps vying for your attention and a place on your mobile device. But let me tell you that Vero is aiming to truly unify your online presence with a few distinct features currently not available in other social media apps.

Why am I excited for this app? The Vero app actually displays my photos the way I intend them to be without having to crop or resize. This has been a very painful and irritating annoyance for me when it comes to producing images for social media apps.

The unique thing I like about Vero is the ability to group your contacts into certain tiers. These tiers allow you to share specific items within your network. You can choose to share only to your closest friends, friends, acquaintances or just followers. This makes sharing much more simplified and controlled.

Personally I have different social media accounts and I sometimes catch myself holding back on specific posts because there were no methods that would restrict my content. With Vero I can create a post and share it to different tiers of my network. For example, I love cooking and sharing it personally to my closest friends. Vero will allow me to do this and not have personal items shared with the rest of my network.

One of my biggest gripes with other social media apps are their algorithms on displaying posts. It really bothers me to see posts the app ‘thinks’ I should see. I don’t want to see posts out of order. I want to keep up with the latest. Is that too hard to ask? Vero on the other hand are showing these posts in chronological order. I think the majority agree that this order makes the most sense. Just like the good old days.

The app itself is gorgeous and sleek. I really like the dark theme they’re going with which lends itself to displaying gorgeous photos. As with all new social media apps and Vero is no different, the user interface takes a bit of time to get used to. I’m still not sure if it’s intuitive where they have the layout for all of the options. Perhaps in due time it will become second nature.

Creating A Vero Account

The first thing you want to do is go to the app store for your device.

IOS users you can click here to go to the app store

Android users you can click here to go to the play store

Once you install it, launch the app and you’ll be greeted with this screen.


Click on SIGN UP and enter your information. Right now Vero allows you to use whatever name you want, however they do encourage you using your real name.


On the next screen it will ask for your phone number. According to Vero this is their policy on why they ask for your phone number.

  • The first reason is to authenticate your Vero account (generally speaking, phone numbers are harder to falsify than email addresses).
  • The second reason is so that users who have your phone number in their address book get an alert that you’ve joined Vero.
  • The third reason is so that users who have your number can send you a Connect Request even if you have turned Connect Requests off. This is great for people who don’t want to receive Connect Requests from people they don’t know, but do want their friends to still be able to connect with them.


After you enter your phone number you’ll receive this screen. Vero will send a confirmation code via text or if you don’t receive a text message they will call you indicated by the timer below.


On this screen you can upload a photo and write a quick bio of yourself. If you have a website or another link you want to share you can do it here.


A social network doesn’t really work until you add people. You can always skip this part and find connections later.




Your Vero dashboard

So now that you have an account let’s talk about the interface. After all an app with a terrible interface isn’t going to last long. User experience is what drives your audience into using it more.

I love the design of the interface so far. The dark theme really works well and allows me to see images better.

The first icon on your dashboard is search button. This allows you to search for people or hashtags. If you’re an Instagram user you’ll be familiar with this functionality.

Note: At the time of this writing Vero is experiencing a ton of growth so the search function is spotty until they can accommodate more users.

vero true social media app

Your Vero Profile

The second icon will show your profile and provides the basic controls for you Vero account. Here you can see your connections and followers. Your posts, requests and settings all live here.

Remember earlier I talked about grouping your contacts into tiers? All of your close friends, friends, and acquaintances are located here. Your followers or people who you’re following will be located on the right. This allows easy distinction for you if you need to find someone.

Vero @AlexVy

Located on the top left under the VERO logo is the ? icon which allows you to read up on Vero’s support or contact them if you have any questions. There’s some useful tutorials and faqs there now and eventually I expect them to add more as their app usage grows.

The third icon is your collections. This organizes every type of content you’ve shared. The interesting thing about Vero is that you’re not really posting a status per se. When you make a post Vero is requiring you to attach something to that post. More about that later but for now this is where you can see all the different types of media you’ve posted.

Your Vero Collections

vero collections

Your Vero Notifications

The Vero notification is your basic notification panel. If you’re not familiar with notifications I don’t know what to tell you.

Vero Notifications

Your Vero Chat

So a social media app wouldn’t be one without a chat feature. Of course you’ll want to keep in touch with everyone on your network. However there’s a slight difference with Vero’s implementation. You can send a message to anyone in your ‘friends’ group. You cannot send a direct message to your followers or people you’re following. If you want to send a message to this group you will have to ‘connect’ with them by sending them a request. They can either accept or deny.

I can see how this keeps spam and unwanted messages from your inbox. However, on other social media apps it was pretty nice to get messages from people who wanted to know something specific about my gear or photography in general. I really hope future updates will allow me to control if I want to receive messages from anyone and not have to group them into my friend tiers. By the way, there’s no read receipt so you can’t tell if anyone read your messages.

Vero Chat


Making A Post

So you’ve familiarize yourself with the app so far. Let’s get to posting. On your home screen you’ll see your general feed. This will start filling up once you’re following people. To get back to this screen you can press the VERO logo.

To create a post click on the big + sign at the bottom. Check out this awesome drone shot my friend Kylie took in Australia. She captures some pretty cool shots out there so definitely check out her work.

vero homescreen

As I mentioned earlier when you create a post you’re not really setting a status like Facebook. On Instagram you’re uploading a picture or video with some caption. Vero on the other hand takes it a bit farther and allows you to attach different medias/links.

This adds robustness and creativity to your post. I really like the idea of not being limited in what I share. The versatility and the creative applications this add is really exciting.

Simply click on an item you want to share. It’s pretty self explanatory. I’m still trying to figure out the best usage of these features but I would love to see and hear more as it becomes more popular.

Vero Create a post

Why Images on Vero Matters

It’s 2018 and I currently carry an iPhone 6S Plus. The reason why I use this phone is for the big screen size. Since I am constantly looking at images on my phone I actually want to see the images at full capacity as the artist intended.

I am rather annoyed by how Instagram forces you to crop your images to fit into their vertical scrolling theme. When looking at landscapes I want to see the whole image. You can’t even rotate your phone to landscape mode to view the image. That’s lame.

With Vero I can view the images as intended and the images I’m seeing are fantastic. This makes me more engaged to view content and be active on the app. I seriously think Vero will give Instagram some much needed competition.


There’s no ads in the app and the company is planning for Vero to be a subscription based app. The first million users will have a free lifetime subscription so if you’re on the fence you should sign up as soon as you can. There’s a lot of truth into the first mover advantage and if anything else you may want to secure your name.

I’m still learning a lot about the app and hope the service becomes more stable for me to explore. Maybe this will help breathe new life into a stagnant social media app economy. I’m excited about creating new images and having people enjoy them as I experienced.

You can find me on the Vero app under @AlexVy

Hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think of the Vero app in the comments below!