This past weekend I finally was able to test using a Nikon lens on my Sony A7RII. It’s one of the features that convinced me to invest in the Sony platform. This is really a no brainer for people who are thinking about switching to a new platform. You can still use your old glass.

Are you a Nikon or Canon shooter?

The debate about which brand is better is as old as the PC vs Mac. It’s pervasive everywhere in our lives and it’s quite a passionate debate in the photography world. Everyone has their preference and it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It just means it works for their situation.

But here’s my best advice if you’re starting to invest in a platform:

Date the body, marry the lens.

Investing in great lenses is what will help you create beautiful images. Technology moves so quickly that camera bodies can become obsolete very quickly as opposed to lenses. Great glass retains their value.

Different Lenses Same Body

Before I invested in the Sony platform I used to shoot Canon. I still think Canon makes great gear and I debated for a long time about switching to Sony. Being able to use different lenses on my Sony A7RII is a HUGE advantage.

Let’s be honest here. Sony currently does not have an extensive list of lenses to use. But what Sony does have is the ability to use an adapter to use different lenses. This allows you to use practically any other lens in your collection.

There are some caveats though. Not all features will work on certain brands such as autofocus for Nikon lenses. Canon seems to be the most supported brand since they use electronic communications in their lenses.

Basically what this means is that if I came across some great glass I can use them on my Sony A7RII. Great glass with a 42MP full frame sensor is just a beautiful combination.

Using A Nikon Lens On My Sony A7RII

I have never used a Nikon in my life so I was thrilled to test some zoom lens. I was given a Nikkor 18-300mm to see how well it works with my Sony A7RII.

Using Nikon Lens Sony A7RII

This zoom lens is not made for full frame as indicated by the DX labeling. So if you were to use this on your Sony A7RII then you would need to switch this to crop mode. Leaving it in full frame mode with this lens you’ll see vignetting.

But before using a Nikon lens on my Sony A7RII I needed an adapter to mount it to the body. You’ll have to do some research on which adapter will work for  your particular Nikon lens. The easiest way is to call one of your local photo stores and tell them which model lens you have or plan to use and they can give you a few options.

Nikon Lens Sony A7RIIThe adapter I purchased was the Metabones Nikon G mount to Sony E-mount. It has the click-less aperture ring since the lens itself does not have one.

The installation was quite easy and the adapter fit snugly against my Sony A7RII. Once I installed the 18-300 lens it felt very sturdy and I wasn’t worried about it falling off by accident.

I knew that using a Nikon lens on my Sony A7RII there would be no autofocus. I’m okay with that. I’m not afraid of manual focus. The purpose of using this lens was for its zoom capabilities and quality of the image it produces.

There’s also no indication on the camera about your aperture since it’s mechanical.

Initial Thoughts

I’ll be testing this combination in the next few weeks to see the quality of Nikon lenses on my Sony A7RII. I didn’t have my tripod with me this weekend so I spent the weekend doing initial shots handheld.

My first impressions were the images came out softer than I expected. The colors appeared a little washed out as well. This wasn’t a very scientific test but more of a quick test to see the image quality.

Again I was shooting handheld and manually focusing so it was a bit more challenging. Especially using a longer focal length and heavier lens.

I’m spoiled by the lightweight of my current Sony combination.

My plan for using a Nikon lens on my Sony A7RII will be for landscape so I’m not worried about the subject moving. I’ll be testing the sharpness and color of this lens on a tripod to ensure I can get an accurate focus.

I’m glad that Sony has the focus peaking feature so I can check the sharpness when focusing.

Have you used different lenses on your Sony? Check back as I’ll start posting some shots from this combination. I’m hoping I can pull off some great shots with this so wish me luck!